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Blackburn & Darwen District 

Without Abuse

Incorporating the WISH Centre

Blackburn, Darwen & District Without Abuse exists to assist in the relief of men, women and their children who have experienced or who are at risk of suffering domestic abuse through the provision of support, advice, and accommodation. 

Our aim is to secure the safety of those affected by domestic abuse and support their development so that each individual is helped to grow and fulfil their potential into the future.

We cover the areas of Blackburn and Darwen. We also accept referrals from outside the area.

If you live in a different area, you can find your local Women's Aid group by going to the website of the Women's Aid Federation .

We are against all forms of abuse whether the abuse is: physical, verbal, psychological, emotional, sexual or financial.

In the term domestic abuse, a domestic relationship is one you might have with a partner, whether you are married to them or not. It is also the relationships between relatives, parent and child, brothers and sisters, or it can even be the relationship you have with anyone else in your household.

Other Services offered by BDDWA are:-


Drop-in for support and advice at Darwen Town Hall every Friday 9.30 - 11.30am

Drop-in for support and advice at Your Support Your Choice (across from Blackburn Library) each Tuesday 10am - 12pm